Few People Realize Amount of Development Work and Building Progess in City

Alliance’s “Boom” Period, 1910-1920

An article in the June 30, 1915 Alliance Daily Review highlights many major building projects during the 1910s that helped to spur the development of the city. These include:

  • Housing: bungalows, Geiger housing on Arch Avenue extension, rentals in demand
  • Business: Koch block on Main Street, garages on Prospect Street
  • Municipal: City Hall, Market House, City Hospital, Post Office
  • Masonic Temple
  • Real Estate: Development in the south and west areas of considerable magnitude
  • West Park grading and laying out of streets on the Baugh farm
  • Walter Ellett opening and improving Overlook Road from Union to Rockhill
  • Geiger Brothers grading southeast Alliance
  • Consolidated Realty installed street lighting on Parkway Boulevard and opened up Parkway onto Main Street
  • “Only a short time until Parkway will be opened for travel from Main Street to State Street”
  • Glamorgan Street opened from Rockhill Avenue to Sawburg Road, opening up a large new territory for settlement.
  • Arch Avenue subway under construction in 1915. “Will open up a new avenue of travel through to Main Street and opportunities to developing the north end of town.

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