Alliance Review Cooking School

In the past, The Alliance Review sponsored an annual cooking school for women of all ages in the community. The cooking school was held at the Columbia Theatre, as promoted in this Review advertisement. The school taught a variety of cooking lessons, from plain to elaborate demonstrations, and other homemaking subjects. One of the more prominent instructors to visit Alliance was Mrs. George Thurn, a nationally-known expert in cooking and homemaking. She taught her programs with new equipment and utensils and incorporated new methods and ideas for serving, entertaining, and planning.




“Well Known Lecturer Will Return to Cooking School.” The Alliance Review. March 9, 1936. p.1, 2, 7.

Mount Union Male Cheerleaders Lead Homecoming Festivities

As part of a pre-homecoming celebration for the Mount Union College football game, a giant snake dance took place across campus as described in an article of The Alliance Review from November 12, 1937. The snake dance was followed by a fiery parade, a rousing pep rally, and a bonfire. Three local students, all male, filled prominent roles in the festivities as lead cheerleaders: Joe Coulter of Sebring and Bob Griffin and Bob Lemmon of Alliance. Edgar Turkle also presented a message to the students at the bonfire.