Few People Realize Amount of Development Work and Building Progess in City

Alliance’s “Boom” Period, 1910-1920

An article in the June 30, 1915 Alliance Daily Review highlights many major building projects during the 1910s that helped to spur the development of the city. These include:

  • Housing: bungalows, Geiger housing on Arch Avenue extension, rentals in demand
  • Business: Koch block on Main Street, garages on Prospect Street
  • Municipal: City Hall, Market House, City Hospital, Post Office
  • Masonic Temple
  • Real Estate: Development in the south and west areas of considerable magnitude
  • West Park grading and laying out of streets on the Baugh farm
  • Walter Ellett opening and improving Overlook Road from Union to Rockhill
  • Geiger Brothers grading southeast Alliance
  • Consolidated Realty installed street lighting on Parkway Boulevard and opened up Parkway onto Main Street
  • “Only a short time until Parkway will be opened for travel from Main Street to State Street”
  • Glamorgan Street opened from Rockhill Avenue to Sawburg Road, opening up a large new territory for settlement.
  • Arch Avenue subway under construction in 1915. “Will open up a new avenue of travel through to Main Street and opportunities to developing the north end of town.
Alliance Public Square

Alliance’s Colorful Past

While adding new photographs to Alliance Memory, a thought occurred to me. Often the library has to do a lot of research to catalog the photographs and documents that are added to the site. We will refer to City Directories to get the correct names of businesses or addresses, studies maps for street locations, and various websites and databases for information on the people in the photographs.

It all gets digested into a few short sentences of descriptive information that you see on the screen. The same happens with reference questions that are fielded by our reference staff. Once the question is answered or the photograph posted, the additional information is often discarded or filed away for future use.

This blog will hopefully make much of this information available to you and will help us to share some of the fascinating history of Alliance with you. I hope you enjoy it!