Lindy Wings over Alliance

Lucky Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh was a hero, having completed the first transatlantic flight in The Spirit of St. Louis on May 21, 1927. To celebrate this accomplishment and to promote airmail service and the expansion of commercial aeronautics, Lindbergh conducted a west to east coast flight later that summer.

He landed in Cleveland and the next stop was to be Pittsburgh. A delegation of officials from Canton lobbied for seven hours to get Lucky Lindy to fly over their city. When Alliance officials became aware that they succeeded with their request, they too were able to get the famous aviator to fly over our city.

About noon on August 3, 1927, Lindbergh circled three times low over the Alliance downtown area. People were on rooftops, factory and fire alarms blew, and there was much cheering in the streets as residents caught a glimpse of Charles Lindbergh. The Alliance Review of August 3, 1927, relates this story, “Swooping low over the housetops, Col. Charles Lindbergh drove his silver bird, the ‘Spirit of St. Louis,’ over Alliance shortly before noon…. Like a bird of the air, the conqueror of the Atlantic rose and fell gracefully, circled the business district thrice and then headed east for Youngstown and Pittsburgh.”

Although he did not land in Alliance, Lindbergh dropped a canvas bag with a yellow streamer ribbon that included a message for the citizens of Alliance to support the development of airports and air mail.

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