Caskey Motor Inn

Pancho’s Corner

When Don Pancho’s Restaurant and Motor Inn was located on the southwest corner of Main Street and Union Avenue it occupied a building that was built ca. 1940. Originally it was occupied by Buckeye Amusement Company and then a series of Buick dealerships from 1948 to 1966. In 1968 it became the Caskey Motor Inn and later the Alliance Motor Inn. Don Pancho’s took occupancy in approximately 1986 and stayed there until 1997. It was demolished in February 1996 for the building of a Rite Aid Drug Store.

See more information about Don Pancho’s restaurant in “Local Restauranteur ‘Pancho’ DeLeon Dies,” The Alliance Review, August 19, 2008, A1, A3.

9 thoughts to “Pancho’s Corner”

  1. i lived 3 housed behind,rented of George Allen,in 1959-61,never went skating worked at M Oneil co. walked there. i know they tear it down and build new and sits empty.wonder where their brains are.

  2. Your right about the skating rink, I went skating there as a child every week. Later I remember a bar being down stairs also can’t remember the name maybe the Side Door not sure though.

  3. I remember skating downstairs when I was a kid. Had to be careful not to run into the supporting metal poles!
    Also went to Pancho’s there countless times. Can still picture the inside of the restaurant after all these years.

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