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The Red and Blue

The Red and Blue will be familiar to anyone who has attended Alliance High School. The Red and Blue began as a monthly literary magazine publication of Alliance High School in the fall of 1921. The October 16, 1925 edition (vol. VI, no. 1) states that the publication was changing its format to a bi-weekly newspaper and would no longer be supported by advertisements but by student subscriptions.

“Radical changes … may [disappoint you] when you first see this newspaper because of its small-page size. There’s a reason – to be small is to create no disturbance in study halls…. Your paper is reading matter, from beginning to end, while those from other schools are literally crammed with advertising.”

The title Red and Blue was also used as the whole or partial title to several years of the yearbook, The Chronicle, as well. A spin-off newspaper was published quarterly in addition to the regular newspaper in the 1960s titled Quarterly Review.

Issues of The Red and Blue owned by Rodman Library are currently being digitized and will be added to for future access. Please contact the library if you have any issues from the newspaper that you would like to donate so we can fill in our gaps.

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