John Auld & Sons

What’s in a Name – Auld

The Auld family was influential in the establishment of a building supply company in the late 1800s and early 1900s on the city’s east side. The family home was at 708 S. Liberty Avenue and Summit Street.

John Auld, Sr. established a brick and tile company in 1884 as John Auld & Sons, with sons William and Robert. The business was originally on Morgan Avenue, then moved to S. Meadow when Morgan Engineering expanded, then to 771 Auld Street in 1930 when American Steel Foundries expanded. What started as a family-owned brick and tile business later became Alliance Clay Products. Alliance Builders Supply Company was the newly established business in 1920 by William R. Jones and Albert Wefler, sons-in-law of William Auld.

“Auld Street, named after John Auld’s sons, William and Robert, was put through in 1903 when Alliance Machine Company was started.”

From Heald, E. T.  The Stark County Story,  vol. IV, part III, “The American Way of Life, 1917-1959.”  Canton, OH: The Stark County Historical Society, 1959,  p. 171.


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